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by Raggalution

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WORLD OF SLEEPERS What my eyes can see all around Is a world of sleepers We're all sleeping in the beds of ideology Pillowed be these mazes, can't you see Listening to lullabies Soft be these embraces Temples of shopping malls are being built Representing unity of abused skin Laughs of the unfortunate Visions of billboards And hope for discount Cemeteries of reality Cool be this spirituality As there are dues to be paid my friends But me nah judge you I’n’I a sleeper too As the sound of the morning bird Is getting louder Is getting clearer Let us sleep a good while longer Slumber as the days go by Until we fall down to the ground To which we have become bound Ascending up the Jacobs’s ladder Ascending up the Jacobs’s ladder Visions come rebirth the clever While you’re looking through these needles And pins my friend But me nah judge you, I’n’I a sleeper too As the sound of the morning bird Is getting louder Is getting clearer Sirens sing loud thru the night As we float lost inna the labyrinth of destiny May we sail our ships into the morning Leave this dead current To find hidden lands… And awake with a new day approaching See a new day, see a new day approaching We are coming to the revolution of the Dissolvement of these subtle stimulations As we’re choosing real experience Choosing reality, over symbols Choosing what your life will be like Based on your decisions So go live long, live on Live long and prosper So me nah judge you I’n’I a sleeper too But the sound of the morning bird Is getting louder Is getting clearer
Ape March 04:48
APE MARCH Nature is sending us a message Creating all this mess and damage Destroying a poor man’s land Leaving behind just rock and sand I´n´I will tell you the truth The only blame is on me and you Destroying nature's land We are all calling for destruction So we're calling on Destruction As we're calling on Destruction Nations of the west Have no respect left Destroying everything green Without consciousness they are making a sin See I know, this be payback time Nature is spreading sorrow and destruction The only one who is there to blame Again they don't give a damn, Don't give a damn So we're calling on Destruction As we're calling on Destruction So we march, to remind, to admit, That we are guilty So we march, to see this destruction It sickens me So we march, for our children to see Our mother's Earth, diversity So we march, for what was given to see that This way is no way worth living
Rasta Tribe 07:31
RASTA TRIBE Long hair, buds are a twisted Deep sound is coming from the ground That supports us In my town the stars becoming voices On the sky that sees it all Pon the angel, pon the light I'n'I, you and me, we too soon become One vibration, so unique Who to point, no one denies it Belong now, fully swinging, I am thinking That these doors are misleading That here summoned, must be keeping This light that keeps me from kneeling So I'n'I submerge into this feeling Dive deep trough the space That flows through me Me make shelter for all that is calming Embrace demma knock When change is coming on Changes are coming on Embrace demma knock on your door Changes are coming on Crossing borders, bells are ringing I’m growing In this heart and this feeling To the far land, with people singing slow songs Of past and proceeding Into waters new, earth is breezing Fireflies, broken spears, and the truth Dem a keeping Introduce the children of the stars Indigo, Isis, and star seed mind Can’t keep this in the dark Can’t keep the good feeling And the good riddim in the dark Changes are coming on Embrace demma knock on your door Changes are coming on When I walk down, walk down on this line Everybody’s looking like they don’t got a dime What u find is not what you seek Look for me, the wicked one When I sit in my crib I was lost now I am found, I can really see The voice is laying deep inside of me Yes I know that I got it Now I got all the beats from the street Hardcore Next time be sure I’m coming back here for More Now come with us Man sing with us Now jam with us You know the cause All nations wide The time is right Open your mind And reunite Darkness of dem night Washed away by the Rasta tribe
TIME OF PLENTY Near the fire we sit and conversate About all the things that keep our minds so interesting With words of beauty and songs of peace Tribal drums and sparks that rise up in a shining bliss No more chains To hold us in Babylon So let us go slower, while we travel to I´n´I Enjoy all passing moments, and memories of good times Leaving Babylon behind, as we’re floating Falling sands of time Reaching other suns No more chains To hold us in Babylon
Callie Man 04:08
CALLIE MAN Roots man Natty dreadlocks Some of demma Rasta On the arrival Strong bonds that unite Are empowered by his presence Surrender to the sound Of unique vibes tonight When the dreaded man dances So strong that it moves the ground all around And when the callie man enters No one can stop this life When this system gonna fall Our torches will light up the sky And when your knowledge will overflow His crown will shine so divine So divine once more Come and let your power ignite Oh this fire will survive against the ages Fully speak out your mind To defend yourself against all these cages As all the stories combined They tell the past as well as the future Witness the progress of human kind Oh the people can sense something coming on Culture Natty dreadlocks Some of demma Rasta On the arrival What are they giving to you I'n'I ask you what they do What are they doing for you? The common sense will be redefined Fear will be exposed for what it is So believe in a future that is bright No matter what a come No matter what a come, we shall all dance tonight!
EYES OF A WARRIOR Robot hearts have become a disease Finding life in the bodies of disbelief Living life got labeled with a price Since empires learned to trick up your mind Water stops flowing when a button gets pushed And stars disappear, with synthetic lights being mass produced I remember when the tear came out of my eye When the wicked one attacked from the sky Tore up the nation from a peaceful light Showing us the violence of the human kind Didn't know what to expect or what to do Dem breeding difference between me and you Politicians found another wicked way And Babylon came here to stay In the eyes of a warrior Killing his last dreadful enemy In the eyes of a warrior Killing, killing, killing it Inna war Inna this senseless war of Babylonia I don't want to tremble, I don't want to be sad But different things and places echo in my head Dem faces bring back dark memories When Jah Jah people They were fighting for peace When fear overpowers Logic gets restrained And actions come From a brighter space When fear is tamed Logic becomes a norm And actions are bound to only soul So cry to move mountains And smile to build one Cry on to move, smile on to build In the eyes of a warrior Killing his last dreadful enemy Inna war Inna this senseless war of Babylonia In the darkest corner There shines a light People stand up and fight Reunite March on as one Jah Jah will lead you away He will show you the way Jah Jah will lead us away He will guide us away
NOMADS OF PEACE Truth seeker, soul of hope Why do you stand alone Manipulator, thief of freedom Why do you have a throne Love, keeper of divine Why are you overseen Hate, harbinger of lies Why are you so strong Inna the hanging gardens Masses of people standing in the garden Searching for a righteous path that leads abroad The line of control and complex doubt How much longer will it take For freedom to take its place How much longer will it take For freedom to make its case Inna the hanging gardens Yes I know, yes I know That the breathing Babylon Will pull his crown up from the ground When he tastes And he will taste The air of the free That heals the blindest man to see And he will see, and he will see And as one we will awake And we will partake With the earth, with the sky And with the sea As we awake with our true energy All awake with ya planetary energy Energy all awake cosmic unity As the stars align, with our mother earth, Sistren moon and father sun unite And bring out the universal energy, And the energy is love, means love Nomads of peace Show the world what your eyes have seen Where your mind and your feet have been Where your tents took ground to sleep Dancers of bliss Show the world how you Move the ground beneath How your chants have removed the thief And show the world How you bring the planetary All awake with ya planetary energy Energy all awake cosmic unity
MOTHER ETERNAL Mother eternal May your world make us humble And our enemies small Mother eternal May your truth soon be found Within the love that you speak We are mammals Carried on our mother´s back Old enough, but not grown up We are mammals Carried on our mother´s back Depend on her, take her life
BRAINSTORMING ALCHEMIST I am no beast, I am human, love for alien Living in a gilded cage, we call society Trapped like an animal, With no vision for future Paralyzed and passive In the wake of the Gatekeeper That hides the keys to ourselves and smiles When your wings can't fly Now climb these gates Of these monstrous walls and see Another land is waiting for thee The man that carries no burden Upon his shoulders As I’n’I I am tree I am moon I will not be locked As I am grief I am rebirth I won’t be reduced As I won’t be seduced One and the same Feared and embraced Brainstorming Alchemist I spoke love, and there it was I saw truth, and thus became As the emperor is dead The collar of one, lost its grip The collar of many From stone to gold From matter to soul Change for human, love for alien And fire for your soul As this new eye now lets me see Eternally Now I am ready to step Outside my restrictions Ready to meet myself Break dem bounds And free my mind Gatekeeper, great deceiver of man I reclaimed the keys from you To this forgotten land All things to all man, taken from you And reclaimed by the honest And reclaimed by the passionate And reclaimed by the man that carries no Burdens Upon his shoulders This new eye now Lets me see This new eye, me, Eternally


Second album from Slovenian fusion reggae band Raggalution. This is our self-produced and published labour of love.

Download is free and we encourage you to use and share the material in any way you want.

Contact us on Facebook if you would like to have individual tracks for remixing or use in your own productions: www.facebook.com/Raggalution/


released April 20, 2017

Luka Bedene – vocals
Leon Slabe – trumpet, vocals
Jure Grahek - keyboards
Žiga Fazarinc – guitar
Mak Sever – bass
Jernej Jenko – percussion
Pavel Čebašek – drums

Maja Kocjan – vocals

All lyrics and music by Raggalution

Produced by Jure Grahek and Darči Kruševac.
Recorded at Studio Subart.
Mixed and mastered by Matej Gobec at RSL Production Studio.

Designed by Nejc Košir and Ana Belčič.

Thanks to Maja Kocjan, Aleksandar ˝Saško˝ Kotnik , Nace Jordan, Bojan Bidovc, Darjan ˝Darči˝ Kruševac, Matej Gobec, Trainstation Subart, PLC, Dežnikarstvo Jenko, friends, family, and everyone else supporting us.

Special thanks to Nejc Košnik for creating and performing with us.


all rights reserved



Raggalution Kranj, Slovenia

We are a reggae band from Kranj, Slovenia. Our music is a mix of diverse influences, which makes Raggalution unique among reggae bands. Listen to our album if you think reggae has no originality left, but most of all: Be irie!

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